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Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd.was established in 1984, and Xiamen C&D Corporation Limited holds 34% of its total shares. Being one of the youngest fleets in the world, Xiamen Airlines operates the largest pure Boeing fleet in China. By Feb. 2018, it has had 163 airplanes in service. Currently, it runs 400 air routes both domestically and internationally. After 33 years of continuous development, Xiamen Airlines has become one of the most featured airlines in Chinese civil aviation industry and has been acclaimed by President Xi Jinping as the "Epitome of the Development of Chinese Aviation Industry".

Xiamen Airlinesstays profitable for the longest period compared with other civil airlines in China, making it the only domestic airline company that has achieved consistently profitable track record for 30 years. In the financial ratings of global airlines, it tops the ranking of Chinese airlines. For years, Xiamen Airlines has made incessant efforts to ensure aviation security and promote service quality. So far, it has maintained a safety record of over 4 million hours of flight and was awarded the Best Airlines from 2012-2015 for 3 consecutive years by domestic travelers. In March 2016, it won the 2nd China Quality Award, becoming the first enterprise to enjoy this honor in Chinese service industry as well as the only award winner in Chinese civil aviation industry.

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